A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Live Like You Were Dying.  Sometimes inspiration comes from someone you admire.  Sometimes inspiration comes from within.  Sometimes you just have to live like you were dying and do the things you are meant to do.  All of these sources of inspiration seem like they are part of Tim McGraw’s life story.

Tim McGraw is a singer, actor, and record producer.  He was born in Louisiana.  He was 11 when he found out the man he thought was his biological father was not.  Upon discovering his stepfather wasn’t his biological father he learned the professional baseball pitcher “Tug” McGraw was his birth father.  Tim did play several sports and went to college on a baseball scholarship.  He learned to play guitar during this time and would sing and play for tips.

Tim McGraw continued with school until Keith Whitley died.  Tim’s admiration of Keith Whitley spurred him to leave school and follow his music dreams in Nashville.  A year later he gave his demo to his father Tug and Tug shared the demo with a friend of his.  One thing led to another and Tim McGraw has become an international and award-winning star.

Tim McGraw has appeared on television and in movies, as well as, becoming a country music superstar.  He married Faith Hill and they had three daughters.  He is a philanthropist.  He has set-up events in many communities that have raised money for the communities themselves.  He and his wife have responded to aid natural disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina.  He is a member of the American Red Cross National Celebrity Cabinet.  He set up foundations to help children, veterans, communities, and people that have been affected by brain tumors and brain trauma.

Tim McGraw’s father “Tug” McGraw died from a brain tumor.  He dedicated Live Like You Were Dying to his father.  Having suffered a traumatic brain injury myself I feel even more connected to this amazing song.  Do something you are meant to do today!

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