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America’s pastime.  From going to a baseball game to playing on a league, most of us have hours of baseball memories.  I played when I was a child and my father spent hours watching the Detroit Tigers while I was growing up.  We went to several Tigers games when I was growing up and my daughter recently went to and enjoyed her first.  Favorite memories and players are part of growing up in America.

Jorge Posada is a retired catcher who played for the New York Yankees.  He was a switch batter who threw right.  He is Puerto Rican, but New York and New Yorkers are honored to call him one of their own.  He was a 5 time All-Star, a 4 time World Series Champion, and a 5 time Silver Slugger Award recipient.  In January 2012 he retired.

Jorge Posada married his wife Laura in 2000.  They have a son and a daughter.  Shortly after their son was born they found out he had craniosynostosis.  This is a condition that affects skull growth and he’s had to undergo multiple surgeries.  This led Jorge and his wife to found the Jorge Posada Foundation to help those afflicted with the disease.  The foundation provides financial assistance to patients and funds for medical research.

Jorge Posada and his wife have also written books.  Jorge wrote a children’s book.  They wrote a family health manual and an autobiography together.  Sports, health, and trials are part of life.  Jorge and his family can be seen as inspirational for how they have traveled life’s journeys.  Keep sailing!

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