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Mr. Hockey is another person that has proved repeatedly during his life the old adage that age is nothing but a number.  Growing up in Canada he started playing hockey at 10 years old.  He was six foot tall by the time he was in his mid-teenage years.  He left his hometown at sixteen to pursue a professional hockey career.  Mr. Hockey has had other nicknames, however six decades of an impressive professional hockey career has proven that Mr. Hockey has been a fitting nickname for Gordie Howe.

The majority of his career he played right wing with the Detroit Red Wings.  While with the Detroit Red Wings four Stanley Cup trophies were won.  He was named a NHL All-Star twenty-three times.  He made many records during his years playing, however he still holds records for most games and seasons played.  He played professional ice hockey from the time my father was a toddler until I was a young girl, twenty-six seasons with the National Hockey League and then six seasons with the World Hockey Association.  Twenty-five seasons were with the Detroit Red Wings.

He met his wife Colleen when he was 17 years old and they had three sons and a daughter.  He has passed on his love of hockey.  Two of his sons played professional hockey.  His wife was one of the founders of the Detroit Junior Red Wings and The Howe Foundation.  Both organizations share the love of sports and opportunity to experience sports with children.

Gordie Howe has been age-defying throughout his life.  His impressive life and career can inspire you to live your life without feeling limited by your age.  Age can be just a number!

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