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Do you have a nickname?  Sometimes nicknames just stick.  Paul David Hewson is actually known throughout the world by his nickname.  This incredible frontman of U2 is Bono.  Giving nicknames was a practice of U2’s bandmates and friends.  Bono and Bono Vox stuck after a few others were tried because it translates to “good voice”.

U2 began in Dublin, Ireland.  Bono met his future bandmates and wife when he was young and in school.  He has a strong faith and many of the lyrics he writes reflect his faith in God.  He has also written songs in remembrance of his mother, who passed away when Bono was just 14.  His songwriting has gone from a rebellious teenage/young adult tone to reflect more mature themes and experiences.

Along with over 20 Grammy Awards and other awards for music Bono has earned many awards for his humanitarian work.  U2 has performed benefit concerts and worked with politicians.  Bono has received honorary degrees and even a knighthood from Elizabeth II for his work in music and his humanitarian efforts.  Musical collaborations, song-writing, and bringing people together from different walks of life have all been part of Bono’s work.  Africa, social causes, and political causes have all been part of Bono’s work.  He has worked to bring together people of different faiths.  Controversies have erupted from time to time.  Many organizations have been founded. Bono has made a significant impact and his work continues.

Bono is a father of four children.  He is always seen in sunglasses due to having glaucoma and extreme light sensitivity.  He has suffered a couple of serious accidents and has even had to worry about the continuation of his musical career.  Renovation of a Dublin hotel, a collection of poems, and being part of writing the score for a rock musical have all been part of Bono’s accomplishments.

“Good voice” has shared his voice and a lot more.  Share your gifts and enjoy music today.

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