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Strong personalities bring wanted and unwanted controversy with them.  That seems to be the case with Sean Penn.  He is Ambassador-at-large for Haiti, an actor, filmmaker, and father of two.  He has been married twice.  His first marriage was to Madonna.  Controversy, assault, and jail time for Penn occurred during this time.  He was convicted for assaulting a member of the press.  His second marriage was to Robin Wright.  They had a daughter and a son.  They separated and filed for divorce before making divorce and not another reconciliation final in 2010.

Sean Penn has been in the forefront for his work during relief efforts following natural disasters.  He was hands-on during rescue and relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and the earthquake in Haiti in 2010.  He helped aid flood survivors in Pakistan on 2012.  He is also credited with helping American entrepreneur Jacob Ostreicher during and upon his release from Bolivian prison in 2013.

Sean Penn has been in political and social controversies.  He supported his friend Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez against those that called him a dictator.  He made a statement that created controversy regarding the Falkland Islands.  Years ago he visited Iraq and Iran and spoke out against then President George W. Bush.  He’s been awarded with the Christopher Reeve First Amendment Award for his support of free speech.  He even stirred controversy for a private joke he shared at the 87th Academy Awards.

Sean Penn has a strong personality.  He’s been in award winning films.  He’s been in films that have affected pop culture.  He’s been in films that have stirred cultural conscious.  He’s been in films that have entertained.  Whether you can agree with him or are a fan of Sean Penn, you can enjoy a film he is in today.

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