A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Life has ups and downs.  Some people seem to sail through life without the down times other people seem plagued with in their life.  The truth is a lot of times people’s lives appear one way to others when their life is actually very different from what people assume or think they know.  Perseverance is a key word that comes to my mind when I think about life’s downs that Demi Moore has lived through and I knew nothing about a few days ago.  Demi Moore has shown perseverance and being who she is and achieving what she has is a testament to perseverance.

Demi Moore was born in New Mexico and currently lives in Idaho.  She is an actress, filmmaker, model, songwriter, and mother of three children.  She has lived through medical issues of her own and taken breaks in her career at times when they have been needed and/or desired.  Her biological father left her mother and she has lived through mourning both of her parents.  Suicide, cancer, arrests, and other downs of life have been a part of her family’s history.

She has acted on stage, television, and film.  She has earned awards, as well as, many other benefits of celebrity.  She and Ashton Kutcher founded an organization to fight child sexual slavery and pornography.  It addresses how technology is used to aid in human trafficking and child sexual exploitation.  Technological partners/companies and other celebrities work to combat these crimes and associated problems.

I hope you can persevere through your life’s down times.  Feel inspired by stories of perseverance even when the stories seem to differ greatly from your own.  Good luck in the writing of your own story!

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