A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

The Body Principal.  The Beauty Principal.  The Diet Principal.  Living Principal: Looking and Feeling your Best at Every Age.  Yes, these are titles of books written by Victoria Principal.  Her books and products may inspire you to take better care of yourself.  It seems that Victoria Principal has lived her life taking care of herself and a host of other things.  She’s smart and uses her skills and fame to take care of people and animals.

Victoria Principal was born in Japan and lived in many places growing up.  Her father was in the United States Air Force.  Her career started with television commercials at the age of five.  Years later when she moved to Hollywood she didn’t have an agent, a car, or a place to live.  Nine months later she had those things and started getting roles.  Her famous role on television came eight years later as Pamela on Dallas.  She did not sign the part of the contract that gave the tv network rights to her other business.  She retained ownership of her outside work and her image.

Victoria Principal’s aid and donations have gone to a wide variety of environmental and domestic causes.  Saving bees, ending domestic violence, rescuing animals, cleaning up oil spills, and fighting forest fires and related damage are some of the causes that she has been a part of aiding.

She has received awards for her humanitarian work, as well as, her acting.  Using her intelligence and heart throughout her life has made her inspiring.  Take some time to think about the things you care about.  From calling a loved one to doing something positive to share your thoughts everyone can add to our positive principal.

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