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America’s Sweetheart.  I grew up thinking Sally Field was America’s Sweetheart.  A bit of research told me thousands of people have been named America’s Sweetheart.  Regardless, America’s Sweetheart is a star that is well-liked, friendly, nice, and so much more.  Inspiring, yes.  Being known for sweetness can be inspiring given all the negativity that we see on media everyday.  Sandra Bullock is America’s Sweetheart.  She is America’s Sweetheart for many good reasons.

Sandra Bullock worked her way into show business.  She is an actress and producer.  She started with small parts in her mother’s opera productions and then in high school theatre.  She graduated with a degree in drama from East Carolina University and the moved to Manhattan.  She worked as a bartender and related service jobs while auditioning for roles.  Breaks and success did come.  Awards and a successful career have led to Sandra Bullock being the star that she is today.

Today, Sandra Bullock has a production company, is an actress, and a mother.  She adopted her son Louis.  He began living with her in January of 2010.  She is, also, a supporter of the American Red Cross.  She responds to world disasters with her support.  She has also campaigned for oil spill clean-up and The Kindred Life Foundation, Inc.  The latter helps families across our country who are in need.  She has received awards for her humanitarian efforts.

Sandra Bullock is well-liked, friendly, and nice.  Feel good about being considered sweet.  A kind word, a smile, positive moves and gestures do make a difference.  Have a great, sweet day!!!

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