A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Six decades of work and success in both music and film.  The Queen of the Divas.  Funny Girl.  Many awards in honors.  Who is this?  Barbara Streisand of course.  Her talent is evident when you watch or listen to her work.  Her life story is inspiring!  Drive and determination got her to where she is today.

Barbara Streisand was born in Brooklyn, New York.  Her mother was a school secretary and her father was a teacher.  Her father died when she was just a year old.  She and her family went through some very tough times.  Barbara became interested in becoming an actress when she was young.  She became known for having a good singing voice in the neighborhood and at school, but she wanted to be an actress.  She met both Neil Diamond and Bobby Fischer in school.  She sang as part of the school choir and got her first stage experience when she was just fifteen in a New York theatre.  Upon graduation from high school she took any job she could at a theatre just to be a part of a show.  At sixteen she lived on her own and then even went through a period of time that she was homeless.

She was working as an usher when she heard about a casting director looking for singers.  This led to her making a tape and then working at nightclubs.  This led to stage roles, then to television appearances and her first albums.  Acting roles and albums followed.  Success and awards came to her.  She has been married twice and has one son, Jason Gould.  She married her second husband actor James Brolin in 1998.

The Barbara Streisand Foundation gives generously to a variety of charities and causes.  Research, education, and defense of natural resources all benefit from her foundation.

Ups and downs.  Hard work.  Belief in yourself and perseverance.  Barbara Streisand is testament to these things.  Do something positive towards your goals today.

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