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Behind the scenes.  Many professions are considered behind the scenes.  What gets done and seen by others couldn’t happen unless it was for those people behind the scenes.  Actors and actresses are what everyone sees in movies and on television, however there are many people behind the scenes.  Sam Simon was known to those in the industry, but virtually unknown to the general public.  Unless you had a particular interest you probably, like me, didn’t know of him.

Sam Simon was a director, producer, writer, competitive tournament poker player, boxing manager, and philanthropist.  He was best known for being co-creator of The Simpsons, but was also involved with Taxi, Cheers, The Gary Shandling’s Show, The Drew Carey Show, and many others.  He attended Stanford University and worked as a cartoonist for the college newspaper before graduating.  He established the Sam Simon Foundation and the Sam Simon Foundation Feeding Families program, and donated to other causes and ventures.  He donated money and spent his fortune to provide care and feed animals first and foremost.  His foundation trains dogs for veterans and deaf people or people who are hard of hearing.  He established a mobile veterinarian unit.  He wanted to save dogs lives, as well as, making the lives of dog owners and others better.

Sam Simon passed away on March 8, 2015 having had cancer.  He had arranged for his fortune to be donated to charity.  Causes he believed in and he enjoyed giving to benefited from his charity.

There are many people behind the scenes.  Whether you are an office manager at a veterinarians, a stay-at-home parent, or have another profession that is behind the scenes everyone with a productive role in our society leads to our collective success.  Do something kind for yourself today as a thank you.

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