A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Reading can inform, delight, inspire and so much more as I’ve written before.  Rich Riordan has become a favorite author of many adults and children.  He is known for writing fantasy, detective fiction, and mythology.  He has inspired many children, mine included, to both read and learn more.  My children have read most of what he’s written at their reading levels and have learned more about Greek mythology and other topics because of his writing.  My son, in fact, is part of the reason I am writing about him today.

Rich Riordan is also my topic because I would like to focus on the importance of his profession more directly.  Authors of both fiction and nonfiction are an important part of our society.  Nonfiction writers inform us of many things from medical information to politics to daily news.  They also record events for future generations to learn “our history”.  Fiction writers teach us lessons in their stories as well as delight, entertain, and inspire us.  Reading can be a vitally important and entertaining part of your life.

Rich Riordan was born in San Antonio, Texas and attended the University of Texas.  He became a teacher.  He taught English and Social Studies for eight years.  He lives in Boston with his wife and their two sons.  His famous Percy Jackson series started as a bedtime story for his boys.  Being a good dad, teaching, and becoming a novelist are all worthy of admiration, appreciation, and inspiration.

Pick up a good read today!

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