A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Reading is Fundamental!  Reading is at the core of so much.  Reading can inform, delight, inspire, and so much more.  I was lucky enough to be raised in a household where reading was an everyday, normal part of our lives.  Both of my parents spent hours and still spend hours reading.  From newspapers to novels people could find one of my parents reading.  They, of course, read to us.  Discussions about books were a part of my life as well.  When I got older and read more mature books, like Stephen King, other relatives and neighbors talked to me about books we were reading.  This seems to have always been and still is a part of the novelist Nora Roberts’ life as well.

Nora Roberts continues to share and pass on her love of literature.  She raised her two children surrounded by books.  She began writing when her boys were young.  After many rejections she became a successful novelist.  She has won awards and is known for writing romance, fantasy, and suspense.  Her husband operates the bookstore they own in Maryland.  She continues to fill her house with books and reads voraciously.

Nora Roberts has been honored repeatedly by The Giving Back Fund.  The Nora Roberts Foundation has repeatedly given money to support children, literature, the arts, and scholarships among other causes and endeavors.

I believe my husband I have passed on the love of reading to my children.  They both read a lot and always want and appreciate more books.  Trips to bookstores and discussions about books have always been a part of my children’s lives.

Pick up a good book today.  Enjoy and pass it on for another to enjoy!

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