A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Do you have the music in you?  To some people music is a form of art to be enjoyed.  To other people music is art, self expression, and so much more.  Herb Alpert seems to belong in the second group .  He is, also, a husband, painter, sculptor, and philanthropist.

He learned to play the trumpet at a young age and went on to play at dances.  As a young man he joined the United States Army and played at ceremonies.  After the Army he went to the University of Southern California and played with their marching band.  He later formed Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass.  No. 1 albums, Grammy Awards, and other awards followed.  When his career with the Tijuana Brass ended he enjoyed a solo career.  He has worked with other artists as a featured artist.  He even put out an album with his wife Lani Hall.

He believes in music.  He believes in music education.  He created the Herb Alpert Foundation.  This foundation supports youth arts education and environmental issues and works with The California Institute of the Arts.  Herb Alpert and his wife donated money to University of California, Los Angeles.  The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music was formed.

The music is in Herb Alpert and he has helped to foster it in many others.  Passion and education fostered with and by music.  Music is all around us.  Enjoy the music in you today!

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