A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Can you spare a square? A square!  If that made you smile it’s probably because you are familiar with the classic Seinfeld episode those lines came from.  The lines came from an exchange between Elaine and Jerry’s girlfriend at the time. That girlfriend was played by actress Jami Gertz.  Jami Gertz then played many parts in films and television series.

Jami Gertz has been married since 1989 to Anthony Ressler and they have 3 children.  This alone is inspirational.  Two working parents in a long, sustained marriage with children is worthy of inspiration.  Anthony Ressler is the co-founder of two management corporations and two professional sports teams.  Gertz-Ressler High Academy is a public school focused on college readiness named after the actress and her husband.  Their worthiness and generosity does not stop there.  The couple has received awards for giving to charities.

The Ressler-Gertz Foundation is an organization founded by the actress and her husband.  The foundation works to provide education, scholarships, and financial assistance.  They have given to Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Cedar Sinai Medical Center among other organizations.  Seriously ill children and education are both benefited by the actress and her husband.

What can each of us spare?  Jami Gertz and her husband can “spare” more than most people can, but it’s their choice to do so that makes them truly inspirational.  Spread some joy today.  Sharing my thoughts here I am trying to spread some inspiration.  Spare what you can, even a square!

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