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Yes we all should, need to be, and are all proud members of our country.  Yet we are also citizens of this world.  Many of us believe this to varying degrees.  One celebrity who has worked to further her global citizenship is Angelina Jolie.  She has seen both the good and the bad.  Many people may believe that she has taken first-class trips around the world and picked out some children to help.  Angelina Jolie has truly done a lot more!

Angelina Jolie is known as an actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian.  In fact, she was acting when she became more aware of many of the deplorable living conditions outside of the United States.  She continued to explore and learn more upon returning home.  This led to her going on mission trips and working and living with others on these trips.  She works for conservation, education, and women’s rights.

She has adopted children on trips, but she has also built homes and schools.  Conservation areas have been established, money has been donated, and policies have been made because of Angelina Jolie’s work.  She has traveled to warzones and worked for refugees.  Community development, education, and women’s rights have all benefited from her work.  Angelina Jolie has earned positions within groups that do this important work and her work has been honored and recognized.

As a world citizen be aware.  Support and good citizenship start with knowledge.  Home and away everyone who helps deserves help.  You can help yourself by helping someone else today!

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