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It’s true for some people that age is a state of mind.  Usually it is older people that are referred to as young at heart.  Younger people can be referred to as mature beyond their years.  However you think of age and Demi Lovato one thing is definitely true.  She has done and accomplished a lot in her years.

Demi Lovato is known as a singer, songwriter, philanthropist, and actress.  She was young when she debuted on Barney & Friends.  She went on to starring on a television film and releasing music.  This led to producing and releasing more music, as well as, starring in numerous television programs, and going on concert tours.  She has had a lot of success.

She has not had an easy life however.  She was bullied as a child and this treatment led her to becoming homeschooled.  She was successfully homeschooled.  What she went through, however, propelled her to take action against bullying.  She has become an activist for environmental causes, mental health disorder causes, and many other causes and charities.  She has campaigned for and supported other young people to become active and help others in their communities.  She has worked for DoSomething.org and the Join the Surge Campaign!

Demi Lovato has strong faith and believes in love and people helping each other.  Young or mature beyond her years her work is inspirational.  Faith and love to all!

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