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Becoming a mother changes your perspective of many things.  You become busier and have many other things to occupy your time.  I do not know how much motherhood has changed Jennifer Garner, but it seems to have affected her in many ways.

Keeping her children and other children of celebrities away from the prying eyes of photographers is a cause she chose to take on.  She testified along with Halle Berry to the Assembly Judiciary Committee.  A bill was passed to protect children from the press.  Jennifer Garner has taken on other work and causes to help children.  She is on the board for the United States branch of Save the Children.  She has worked with groups to combat hunger and promote early childhood education.  She has shown support of politicians that support these causes as well.

Motherhood is not the only monumental thing that has changed Jennifer Garner.  Her journey from a strict upbringing to becoming an actress was another.  Her interest drove her in this direction despite her wish to do other things when she was younger.  She also auditioned for and portrayed a character in an action packed series that she had to train for.  She took Taekwondo classes to train for her successful, award winning, and action packed role in Alias.  Her roles now include action and romantic comedies.  She seems to immerse herself into her roles.

Jennifer Garner has gone through various changes in her life.  We all go through times of change.  Think about your life today and your past successes.  Face life’s changes and challenges and work for your success.

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