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Ups and downs.  Well rounded.  Both phrases could be used to describe Ben Affleck or his career.  He is known as an actor and film maker.  Writer, director, and activist could be added to describe his work history.  Both of his parents encouraged acting and the arts in general.  His father was an actor and stage manager, as well as, having several other jobs.  His mother managed his childhood acting experience and saved his wages hoping for a “steady” profession upon completing college.  His parents were also politically active.

When Ben Affleck was young his parents divorced and he spent a year in Mexico with his mother.  There he acted, traveled, and learned Spanish.  When he was older he continued to act, went to college, and began writing screenplays.  He has won awards and starred in several successful movies.  He co-wrote Good Will Hunting with his friend Matt Damon.  They both won awards for that successful film.  He has been both star and behind the camera in successful movies.  He has, also, been a part of several unsuccessful and poorly received films.

He is now a father of three children and is separated from his wife Jennifer Garner.  He is politically active and is a humanitarian.  He has spent a lot of time and effort helping in the Congo.  He has written and spoken about many issues both home and abroad.  He has been involved with several charities including A-T Children’s Project, Paralyzed Veterans of America, Operation Gratitude, cancer charity The Jimmy Fund, and Feeding America.  He is a member of the Democratic Party, campaigns for candidates he supports, and speaks about his beliefs.

Ben Affleck will continue to be a part of politics and films.  Watch for him on the big screen, as well as, the news.

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