A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Today’s inspiration was a man with many hats.  He chose to be an actor, director, entrepreneur, professional racing driver, and philanthropist among other things.  This all came after serving in the United States Navy and being in World War II.  Who was this amazing man?  Paul Newman.

Paul Newman grew up in Ohio and became interested in acting at a young age.  He did go to Ohio University briefly before being in the Navy.  After serving in the Navy he earned his Bachelor of Arts in drama and economics from Kenyon College.  After attending Yale School of Drama for a year he moved to New York City.  He appeared on Broadway, in television,and movies.

Success led to more ventures.  He went on to help others and found Newman’s Own.  Newman’s Own started with making salad dressing and has expanded to produce and market many food products.  The profits of this company are donated.  Charities benefiting from Paul Newman’s generosity include organizations that provide clean drinking water to those in need and fun camps for children with serious illnesses.

This practice of donating profits after taxes spread.  Paul Newman was one of the founders of the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy.  He believes in doing what is for the common good.  This group of corporate leaders develops and maintains community partnerships.  Paul Newman co-authored a memoir about his pursuits entitled Exploitation in Pursuit of the Common Good.

While you may enjoy his popcorn while watching one of his movies time should be taken to reflect on his life.  Every little bit truly does help.  A giving spirit can be seen by giving kind words or time to help others as well as money.  Work and believe in the common good.

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