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A quarter of a century.  That sounds like a long time, but if we think about a life it doesn’t seem long at all.  It’s not how old you are, but how you are old.  This may be a more fitting thing to say when referring to Taylor Swift.  Doing what she has in just 25 years seems impossible.  Yet here she is.  Achieving more, making more, and giving more that almost anyone.

Her music may inspire you.  Her lyrics have made many people feel more comfortable with themselves.  Perhaps it has inspired understanding as well.  Taylor Swift is a singer/songwriter that champions causes as well as tells stories in her songs.  Her albums have made sales records.  She is a tremendously successful artist, but she is also a powerful woman.

Her generosity is undeniable.  She gives and promotes causes that give to arts education, literacy, and world disaster relief.  Many schools, teachers, and families have been given money by Taylor Swift.  She even gave all the proceeds from the song ‘Welcome to New York’ to New York public schools.  She saw to it that auditoriums and libraries were given what they needed in many schools.  She has provided books to families and even paid teachers salaries.  She has made PSAs and recordings to further worthy causes.

Taylor Swift has been recognized and given awards for her advocacy.  She has helped many other people in her 25 years.  She has also inspired many other people through her generous action.  From a dollar to a million dollars every little bit helps as people say.  Even a smile can be a boost in someone’s day.  Smiles to you!

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