A dailt dose of Inspiration for you!

Elton John.  There are almost as many reasons to be inspired by this man as how many years he has been a true cultural icon.  He had a greatest hits record in 1974 and his hits have continued to be produced.  He is known as a singer, songwriter, and composer.  However, he is truly known as so much more.

You may feel inspired when listening to his music.  He produces work in multiple genres including rock, pop rock, and rhythm and blues.  He is known for his vocals and piano/keyboard.  He has collaborated with other artists and icons such as John Lennon, Billy Joel, Eminem, Gladys Knight, Celine Dion, and Stevie Wonder.  His music can make you feel many emotions and think many things.  You may play it as background or it may be the highlight of your time.

You may feel inspired by his journey and battles won during his life.  He battled self-esteem issues, depression, and addiction.  He has been in Alcoholics Anonymous and battled and been supported in recovering from drug addictions as well.  From childhood issues to well into adulthood Elton John has fought and won.

You may feel inspired by his philanthropic work.  He founded the Elton John AIDS Foundation and has raised money and helped to establish many necessary programs and standards of care.  He has helped other artist through their struggles, including Michael Jackson.  He has been a champion of LGBT social causes and movements.  He has had David Furnish as his spouse and life partner since 2005.

There are many reasons to feel inspired and admire Elton John.  We can all learn from this man’s life and struggles.  Listen to Can You Feel the Love Tonight, Rocket Man, Bennie and the Jets, Daniel, or one of your favorites and think about your inspiration.

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