A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Did you play more than one sport growing up?  Maybe your sports were in different seasons?  If your sports overlapped it made things a bit more complicated.  Now imagine going on with multiple sports into college.  This is what Deion Sanders did.  He was on the track team, as well as, the baseball and football teams while attending Florida State University.

He made records in the sports and went on to professional baseball and football.  He continued to make records including being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Today he is an analyst for CBS Sports and the NFL Network.  His story does not end there.  He is raising his five children and mentors many more.  He is involved in publishing books, making music and videos, being on several television programs, and designing his clothing among other things.

Deion Sanders is known for his flashy style.  From his dances in the end zone upon scoring touchdowns while playing football to the custom made suits he wears on television programs Deion Sanders has earned his “Prime Time” nickname.

His story does not end there.  Deion Sanders gives back.  As mentioned, he mentors children.  He, also, visits children’s hospitals and steps in when he sees and feels the need.  Following Hurricane Katrina he called on other professional athletes to help as well.  Deion Sanders is worthy of appreciation and inspiration.  You can read, watch, or listen to one of his ventures to show your support.  Feel, spread, and live the good.

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