A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Have you been to the Happiest Place on Earth?  The Magical Kingdom?  It truly is what Walt Disney wanted it to be I believe.  Walt Disney wanted to make Disneyland and the parks and attractions that came after a place where the young and old alike could find enjoyment and inspiration.  It truly is a magical place.

Walt Disney’s life story is really magical.  Growing up he worked on family farms and delivered newspapers.  He was often so tired from both his morning and evening newspaper delivers that he feel asleep in school.  He did have a kind older neighbor that encouraged his drawings.  These drawings eventually became cartoons and the characters that many of us have grown up with and love.  There was also a train that passed nearby their home.  Walt and his brother and eventual partner Roy would run to a special spot to watch it pass.  The conductor was their uncle and he would give them a special series of whistles when the train passed them.

As the years went by Walt graduated high school and attended Academy of Fine Arts.  He became an entrepreneur, cartoonist, voice actor, animator, and film producer.  He and his brother Roy O. Disney c-founded The Walt Disney Company.  Places he visited and times he saw parents and their children playing inspired him to create and build Disneyland and the subsequent parks.

Walt Disney’s magical story can benefit many people.  Not only can you watch a Disney cartoon or visit one of the happiest places on Earth, you can pursue your inspiration.  May your inspiration bring you happiness!

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