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Are you a fan of superheroes in comic books?  Are you a fan of superheroes on television or in the movies?  If so, you may be a fan of Wolverine.  If not, you may be or could still be a fan of Hugh Jackman.  This man portrays Wolverine in the movies, yet he is a kind of superhero in real life.

Hugh Jackman grew up in Australia.  His parents moved to Australia before he was born.  When his parents divorced when he was young his mother moved back to England with his sisters and he stayed in Australia with his father and brothers.  Hugh discovered sports and then acting.  He was a young adult when he figured out he could make his living acting.  He went on to star in musicals, romantic comedies, and of course science fiction among other things.

Hugh met his wife on his first professional acting job.  They later adopted two children.  In addition to acting Hugh and his wife went on to producing and philanthropy.  A primary concern of his seems to be poverty.  One of his ventures is microcredit.  This practice is giving small loans to entrepreneurs in impoverished countries.  He is also involved with the Global Poverty Project, World Vision, The Art of Elysium, the MPTV Fund Foundation, the Bone Marrow Institute in Australia, Charity: Water,  Operation of Hope, and Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.  Hugh spends time and money to help, but is even working to make sure what each of us can buy in the grocery store doesn’t do harm.  Only good.

When you think about superheroes this man can be at the forefront.  Everyone can support these ventures by seeing his movies!

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