A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Who is known for being funny, kind, helpful, interesting, and dancing?  Ellen DeGeneres is known for all of these things and more.  I’ve written about her before and feel the need to do so again as I turn to writing about inspirational people.

Ellen DeGeneres has entertained viewers of her talk show for over a decade.  Watching her show can make you laugh, stir your emotions, and many viewers dance as she and her audience dance.  Ellen covers current or trending news, interviews celebrities, highlights children and animals that delight her, and helps people.  “Be kind to one another.”  These are her words and she is kind repeatedly on her show.  Where there are needs, she steps in to help.

Usually if she steps in to help someone they have done something or lived their life in a way that they deserve and appreciate the help.  Sometimes playing a game on her show or just being in the right place at the right time can result in good fortune.  She has and has earned a tremendously large following.

Ellen DeGeneres supports causes she believes in.  She helps people and animals.  Her time and financial support of humanitarian causes has made a difference.  Many people feel better about themselves and their lives because of Ellen’s work.

I hope that everyone can be inspired to be kind to one another.  I truly believe that if we each were a bit kinder inspiration and positive results could be felt.

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