A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Who inspires you?  What jobs do people have that inspire you?  People can form connections or be inspired by a variety of occupations.  Did your inspiration lead to your job or a hobby you enjoy?  I hope that you have or can benefit from inspiration.  Of course inspiration can come from nature, music, religion, education, a variety of things.  If, however, it comes from a person in a particular occupation recognizing it can inspire you more.

Perhaps a chef inspired you to try to cook something new.  We all have to eat.  Everyone who works in a restaurant plays a part in your experience.  Maybe, you take a recommendation  on what to order.  Or if you have a severe food allergy, like my mother does, someone makes sure  that your food is safe.  Whatever your case, your restaurant experience is affected by every member of the staff in some way.  Perhaps a technician inspired you to build or fix something.  Perhaps an artist inspired you to create something.  There are vast sources and benefits to inspiration.  From jobs that we have on your path to our professions or careers, each person is a part of a “bigger picture”.  I hope that your benefits make your life and those around you more successful in many ways.

Take some time to explore your thinking about inspirational occupations.  Let this exploratory thinking benefit you and those around you.  Good wishes and thoughts to all.

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