A Daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Who is the person you most likely first see when you go to the doctor?  Your child’s doctor?  The hospital?  More than likely it’s a nurse.  Many times we see more of nurses than we do doctors.  As thankful as we are for our doctors and as much as we need them often times nurses really make or break (emotionally) the experience for us.  Their job is very important.  Like doctors they have to be very careful and think on their feet.  If a practice or clientele is to be built, nurses need to be good.

If you think about nurses you’ve known throughout your life their hard work and dedication can inspire you.  I grew up with two nurses as neighbors and close family friends.  A dear friend and a family member became nurses.  Wonderful people.  They each are smart, helpful, thoughtful, fun, caring people.

After my bicycle accident and my time spent in a coma family members have told me many stories about nurses that cared for me.  Not only did they chit-chat and tell stories with my loved ones they, also, told me stories and did my hair even though I would not know this if I was not told.  They did these things, among other things, to try to make sure I was comfortable and cared for.  I have spent a lot of time with nurses and feel an enormous amount of gratitude and appreciation for them.

Let the nurses in your life know your gratitude and appreciation.  Let them inspire you to care for or help someone else today.

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