A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Who runs into burning buildings when most people are running out of them? Fire fighters of course!  Fire fighters are worthy of everyone’s gratitude, admiration, and yes, inspiration.  These men and women dedicate themselves to helping others.  There are a variety of classifications.  Many fire fighters, especially in rural areas, are volunteer.  Many are full-time inner city fire fighters.  Many are paramedics, as well as, full time fire fighters.  Whatever their classification, fire fighters are hard-working, dedicated, caring individuals.

This morning on the news a couple of gentlemen with a touring exhibit of September 11th were on.  The exhibit is one of remembrance of that day’s tragic events, but also of the heroism and hard work of the fire fighters and other first responders involved.  Not only does their exhibit memorialize and educate, it also supports and thanks veterans.  They collect funds that help amputees from the United States Armed Forces.  This is another example of hard-work, dedication, and caring.

My husband is a paramedic fire fighter.  At one time he worked in an inner city.  Today he is working in a nearby suburban community.  They have a dozen or more calls each 24 hour shift he works.  They respond to car accidents, medical calls from homes and businesses, downed trees, and fires among other things.

His department does a lot for their community.  From special events to sports leagues members of fire departments are involved.  They make the communities in which they work better places to be and live.

Part of the reason I am here writing this today is thanks to a paramedic fire fighter.  My bicycle accident was witnessed by an “angel” who called for help.  My husband happened to call while I was receiving emergency medical treatment from a fire fighter he had gone to school with.  Thank you.

Please support your local police and fire departments.  Whether you attend an event they sponsor or help in another way your help is appreciated.  Let your inspiration guide you.

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