A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Negativity spreads negativity.  Positive thoughts, feelings, and actions spread positive thoughts, feelings, and actions.  Think about playing cops and robbers as a child.  It was clear who the good guys and bad guys were.  It still is today!

Police officers have gotten a bad rap lately.  Yes, some horrible things have happened.  Most police officers would agree.  Examples of bad individuals or acts by individuals can be found everywhere.  A bad apple can spoil the whole bunch is the saying.  However, removing the bad apple can keep the rest safe as well.  We need to think off negative press this way as well.  Police officers are worthy of respect, admiration, and inspiration.  The vast majority of police officers feel negatively about bad examples on the news as well.  “Bad apples” do get removed.  The vast majority are there for us.

Police officers swear to protect and serve.  Us.  They are sworn to protect and serve civilians.  Each day of their job, their lives police officers serve and protect us.  This fact alone is inspiring.  Inspirational individuals and stories are there.  Telling or sharing these stories help to spread positive thoughts, feelings, and action.

I know I feel good to have a police officer as a close neighbor.  He had to enter my home when my family was out of town and an upstairs toilet caused a flood that shorted out and opened my garage door.  I never thought negatively about his action.  I was and am glad and grateful.  Thank you “Buddy Steve”!

Have a great day!

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