A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Think about your experience with teachers.  For most of us our first “teachers” were our parents and then we went through a series of professional teachers.  Perhaps your path then took you to university professors or on the job trainers.  Whatever your experiences, teachers have been or are a part of your life.

If you’re similar to me you’ve probably had a wide range of experiences.  From the junior high teacher who had memorized and enjoyed reciting the back of the toothpaste tube to the wonderful man by the same first name as Michael Jackson who as a youngster I argued with about how to spell Michael.  In my defense I had read it wrong because it was in cursive and I thought the e was an l.  As someone who became a teacher, I have many stories about inspirational teachers (and children!) as well.  I believe everyone has at least one inspirational story.

Teachers spend many hours outside of the school day working.  Many of us also spend a lot of our money, not classroom money, money from our paychecks on our room and students.  For the marking period, semester, or year we have them many teachers feel these little angels are ours.  We care about them and feel responsible for them.  For their learning, of course, but for more than that as well.

I could tell many stories, from the fabulous teacher who made a classic movie come alive in her room to the student that excelled on the playground, stage, and classroom with one arm.  However, I feel everyone of us could tell a wide range of stories.  Think about your stories and what you could “teach” others.  I hope to get back in the classroom one day, but until then I will still be a teacher and do all that I can.

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