A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Hey, Sports fans!  What kind of sports fan are you?  Some are casual and some are obsessed.  For some people their favorite sport evokes fond childhood memories.  They follow the sport on television and when possible in person.  It continues to be a family affair.  When they are around their parents the discussion often is about the sport.  This type of fan takes their own child to games, etc.  Other people read and watch everything they can.  They may even make bets or play games based on their sports’ results.

Some sports fans play sports as well.  Maybe at one time you played your sport for your school.  Maybe as you grew up you entered local games or tournaments.  Becoming or being a professional athlete may have been part of your dream or maybe even was a part of your life.  Wherever you fall on this spectrum you can admit professional athletes are talented, dedicated individuals that evoke a lot of emotion.

There are many inspirational stories in the realm of professional athletics.  From Jackie Robinson breaking the color-barrier and breaking records to an athlete dedicating a game to a cause such as childhood cancer.  Skill and fortitude can be admired without a doubt, however there are many individuals that do what they do for others as well as themselves.  Don’t get me wrong if an athlete plays for themselves it is okay.  There are many that feel inspired themselves to do something more.  Giving back or helping others is a way that many athletes inspire us.

From becoming humanitarians to actors or broadcasters professional athletes impact our lives/society.  Be inspired, even if what that means is exercising or a healthy meal choice.  Professional athletes can inspire positive change.

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