A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Missionaries?  Missionaries are often inspired by their religious faith to do inspirational deeds for those in need.  Often times missionaries spread the teachings of their church or faith while educating, and tending to health and care of a community in need.  The help they provide is inspirational.

Many people disagree with the work missionaries do.  Part of their mission is to spread their faith.  This coupled with the lack of medical data resulting from or related to their work troubles many individuals and groups.  These concerns can be understood, however people do need help.  If you find yourself in a situation where you can help someone doing so can be inspiring.  Each person is left with choices and carry on as they choose when missionaries leave their homeland.

A dear friend of decades and her husband went on a mission trip with her church.  They worked as construction, kitchen, and spiritual workers.  She came home with pictures and stories.  Important memories that will last her lifetime.  She is motivated to do this kind of a trip again and with her entire immediate family.

This morning on the news a homeless mother of three was given a home in Detroit.  She has breast cancer and works as a full-time waitress.  She fainted at work.  Her story gained so much attention that people wanted to help her and her children.  They gave her a furnished home and several items her children needed.

Whether you help abroad or locally helping others is inspirational.

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