A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Do you have a family doctor you visit?  Everyone is advised to see a doctor at least yearly.  Some of us have to see doctors a lot more often.  As a child there are visits that are supposed to be scheduled.  Whatever your medical history you have probably seen doctors you have liked or connected with more than one time.

Just like any profession, doctors have many reasons for following this path.  There is many years of schooling and ongoing education so doctors are and need to be committed to their profession.  You, most likely, like and respect your doctor.

Since my accident I have seen many doctors and individuals in the medical field.  Emergency room physicians and staff, neurologists, sports medicine physicians, physical/occupational/speech therapists, and many more are due my gratitude, appreciation, and inspiration.  Thank you.

Coincidence?  Inspiration?  I have been told many stories since waking from the coma that had me for awhile.  One is about a young doctor.

My roommate at one time in the hospital was a woman whose daughter had suffered a traumatic brain injury due to a bicycle accident.  My mother and this young woman spent hours talking.  This woman worked hard to recover from her accident, but she also worked hard and did very well in school.  She went on in school to become a doctor herself.  She is inspiration for my mother and myself, however she can also be inspiration for you.  She proves what belief in yourself and hard work can do.

Think about your inspiration, follow it, and believe in yourself!

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