A daily dose if Inspiration for you!

Have you always adhered to the old adage to never argue religion or politics?  At times, everyone has perhaps held back on a few comments on those subjects.  People hold back so they don’t offend and for other reasons as well.

Today, I want to highlight politicians.  As socially awkward as it can be to talk politics these individuals do it for a living.  We need them.  They work for issues and proposals that move our local, state, national selves forward.  It is the role of adults to listen, investigate, and consider.  Vote.  They have this task as well.

In high school and college a dear friend of mine studied, strived, and worked.  He became a politician.  We had many spirited discussions over the years.  We respected each other I believe, but we almost always disagreed.  Although we disagreed, I believe he is a good man and will continue to work for what he believes in.

Passion, belief, and inspiration are all vital.  Yesterday I spoke with a cousin in college.  Although her studies are science and not politics, she is very politically active at her school.  She believes she is helping others and her actions are what needs to be done.  We all can take a part.  We can think about our beliefs, our inspiration, and take an active role in our society.  With respect, conversations can be had.

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