A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

What kind of news watcher are you?  When you’re home do you try to catch the news morning, noon, evening, and night?  There are multiple purposes of news programs and many channels you can find the news on.  The public gets information, breaking stories, weather, and traffic on news programs.  You can learn about events and stories around you (local news) or watch world news programs.

Newscasters and reporters have many reasons for following the career path that results in them being on the television news program you watch.  Of course, the same could be said for print and other news sources.  You, most likely, have favorite newscasters.  Perhaps they seem to have good personalities or/and seem intelligent.

What I wish to focus on here are the inspirational stories.  Many newscasters seem to relish in relating inspirational news stories to their audience.  The act of relating these stories to the audience has impact.  They may have audience members donating money to a cause they find worthwhile.  They may have audience members starting their day on a positive note.  They may have audience members helping others.  Inspirational stories have positive results.

Whether the stories purposes are to inform, caution, or inspire we can all in some way feel the results of news programs and newscasters.  I am glad for and thankful to newscasters that inform, as well as, inspire.  Continue to learn about and care for your area.  You can see the results on the news!

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