A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Are you an Olympic trivia buff?  Some people know books of facts about the Olympics.  Past Olympic athletes, cities, events, matches, winners, etc.  Other people enjoy the Olympics, watch the opening ceremonies and their favorite events.  Wherever your interest/ involvement falls everyone must admit the athletes are impressive.

Dedication and training are paramount.  Stories of past competitors may help spur individuals on.  There are many emotions behind each athlete I am sure.  Every event, every win, every person evokes strong feelings.

Each of us watching the Olympics or being some part of the event has some reaction to the Olympics.  Are you inspired to take a walk or hit the gym?  Many people are inspired to improve their own physical health.  Are you inspired to share facts, events, or viewing matches with others?  Maybe the games inspires you to strengthen bonds you have with others.  Maybe your family has traditions that you help to carry on.

Depending on many things you may or may not be familiar with Amy Van Dyken-Rouen.  This incredible athlete is a six-time Olympic gold medalist.  She is a swimmer.  Swimming happens to be a love of mine.  I do look forward to swimming races/events during the Summer Olympics.  Many people may feel inspired by her due to her participation and winning in the Olympics.  You may or may not know more about her.  In 2014 she was paralyzed and suffered a severed spinal cord by an ATV crash.  Now she has walked again!  Hard work, physical therapy, and assistive devices have helped her to get to this point.  Support from loved ones is a big part of her recovery.

She is inspirational!  I am inspired by her as I am working on getting out of my wheelchair.  I have been in a pool again at therapy and with family.  I am thankful and inspired.  We all have limitations or just plain different abilities to work with.  Feel inspired and work with what you have.  You really can be your best self!

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