A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

People are often a source of inspiration.  We should all feel grateful some people are in our lives.  Yesterday to feel inspired you may have thought of someone you have known or loved.  Have you known or felt inspired by someone in our armed forces?  We all may have at one time.  You, most likely, have known someone to have served our country.  These fine individuals have served and protected our country.

There are many things we feel when we think of individuals in the military.  Gratitude, admiration, and inspiration may come to mind.  We have heard stories, read accounts of service, or even saw movies or television programs about individuals experiencing or that have experienced service to the United States.  Respect, admiration, Inspiration all can be felt.

Family tradition can be a motivation for individual service.  There are many reasons individuals serve.  Whether someone joins the military to escape their current life or as a stepping stone on their career path we all can feel grateful to each of them.

You may feel inspired to express gratitude.  You may feel inspired to help someone else.  You may feel inspired to do or be your self today.  Enjoy your workout, job, family, music, art, nature, hobby, learning, faith.  Enjoy your inspiration!

Physical and mental tasks are integral to training.  Training and support are both crucial.

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