A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Think about who inspires you.  This is more than likely a complicated request.  Over the years your inspiration has most likely changed.  People you are inspired by can change yearly and learning an inspiring story can even happen daily in good times.

There are deplorable people that we hear stories about almost daily or more than one daily.  Thinking of those people that inspire us can be a helpful way to combat this fact.  There are many people both in our lives and known to us that are worthy of inspiration.  Each of us can feel comfort and, of course, inspiration in this fact.

Thinking of loved ones is a good place to start.  Your nuclear family started you on your path.  Family was important to my parents.  Most of my earliest memories include the five of us.  Many of them are events or vacations with extended family as well.  Members of my neighborhood and school also come into my memories.  Members of my family, as well as, a fire fighter and nurses from my neighborhood come to mind as early sources of my inspiration.

Growing up many people came into and out of your life.  Hopefully there are many people that you admired, loved, and were inspired by.  Maybe you took the school or career path you took because of these people.  Maybe something else inspired your path, However if you are reading this inspiration can still have a positive impact on your life.  Believe it!  Follow the good!

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