A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Do you believe in a higher power?  God?  A goddess?  Something else?  I believe in God and do attend a church.  There are many people in my congregation that inspire me.  People that do wonderful things for others and the community.  People that have served our country.  People that have achieved many things.

Yesterday I was inspired by the subject of my amazing Pastor’s sermon.  The sermon reminded listeners that “church” can occur anywhere.  My pastor spoke about a man that was heralded as a remarkable leader of his “church”.  He was being interviewed and arranged that the interview take place at a local truck stop diner.

Once there the man was approached by person after person.  He spoke to and helped each of these people.  The interviewer grew impatient.  The man later explained that they had attended his “church” over the course of their meal.  “Church” can happen anywhere.  Listening to and helping others is what church is all about.  Each one of us can be a healer in this way.

Think about your beliefs and the teachings of your church.  Think about the ways you have helped others.  Think about what you can do today to help someone.  Anything from a smile to some money to doing someone a favor, all of these things can be helpful to someone else.  Helping others can help yourself.

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