A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Do you enjoy working out?  Are you one of those people that feel off if you haven’t completed your daily run or laps in the pool?  There are many people that just build physical fitness into their daily routine.  Others enjoy the gym, but visiting it is an extra.  Some people go when there is “nothing else to do”.

Whatever place physical fitness takes in your life it is important.  Any doctor or health care professional will explain or extoll the benefits of a healthy weight and level of fitness.  Being physically fit often benefits other health conditions you may be living with.  Having experienced an accident that put me in a wheelchair and physical therapy I am sure my level of fitness has impacted my recovery.  Had I been as fit as a trainer at my gym I would be further along I’m sure.  Had I skipped the gym more often and relished in dessert more often I would be further behind.  Now I keeping fitness in perspective with everything else I am dealing with.  I hope and try anyway.

I have learned inspirational stories that help me at this time.  One woman in a wheelchair is a ballroom dancer.  Another, an ex-Olympic swimmer and medalist, has made remarkable strides.  She can now walk, as can a man who made one of his first walks down the aisle to marry the love of his life.

Maybe your motivation comes from looking at others or from your trainer at your gym.  One gentleman I attended high school with now owns a gym, trains others and has inspirational hobbies.  He sells healthy food and takes and sells amazing photographs of nature.

Working out has many benefits and not only on our bodies.  Mind, body, spirit.  Feel better today!

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