A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

How did you become what you are today?  What started you on the career path you took?  Thinking back on that for a minute may help you today.  Were you inspired by someone in your family?  Did an event or a need inspire you?  Was there another important person who shaped your future?

I, for instance, was inspired in multiple ways to become a teacher.  My teachers influenced me.  There were those that told stories.  Stories about history or other curricular topics influenced me.  My mother was the librarian at my elementary school and that made me feel more connected to my elementary school.  I babysat as a teenager and had younger cousins.  These things and so much more inspired me to become a teacher.

Once working as a teacher in an elementary school I continued to be inspired.  Other teachers and professionals working in the district inspired me.  Stories about children learning new things or overcoming hurdles inspired me.  I loved my career.  For those that may wonder I was in a bicycle accident and am currently on a medical leave.  I am inspired now to do my physical therapy and everything I can do to get back to my teaching job.

Maybe a hobby, something you enjoyed doing shaped your career path.  Whatever it was try to remember it.  Sometimes the day to day can wear us all down.  Getting better, doing therapy can wear me down at times.  Hope, future vision, reading, writing, socializing when I can, and even television all help me with the day to day circumstances I am currently living with.  I wish you connection with your inspiration.

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