A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Reflect on nature a moment.  Chances are many things come to mind.  What nature is, what it means to you, how you experience/interact with it, and how it inspires you is all important.  Nature inspires art, music, literature, and many other things.

Some of my best vacation memories are tied in with incredible natural settings.  Sweet memories I have of my children’s early years are tied with animals.  Going to the zoo and walking our dog are two.  Planting flowers at home or going on my brother’s pontoon boat are memories to cherish.  Even sitting curled up on the couch watching and listening to a storm can be a fond way to experience nature.

While nature can be devastating it can also be amazing.  Many people are inspired by our natural world and it leads to their career.  Protecting or conserving nature can be where their inspiration leads.  Supporting groups that care for places you love is something everyone can do.  People can also try to protect our earth by not being wasteful.  People can visit natural landmarks, people can recycle, people can share their love of nature with others.

Of course, the enormity of this topic can be compared to the enormity of our place in the universe.  Be inspired by the views around you.  Be inspired by natural landmarks.  Be inspired by animals.  Be inspired by vegetation.  Be inspired by nature.

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