A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

How does music make you feel?  You probably have a lot of answers to that question.  There are a lot of answers to that question.  Music can and does make us feel many things.  People often have an instant reaction to music.  Just as a favorite song waking you on your alarm can start your day positively so can hearing music on your car radio you enjoy or even catching something you like in an elevator.  Music often sets a tone.  It can inspire you.  It can motivate you.

Music often gets people moving.  People dance and workout to music.  Music can be good for our bodies as well as our souls.  People often run on the treadmill to their favorite music.  Benefits to health and psychology are evident.

Music may be even more to you.  Music is art.  Many people are inspired by music and make making music and sharing their music their life’s work.  Of course music has made many people rich.  Other people may be a part of a choir or orchestra.  Whether music helps you make your living or helps get you on the treadmill music is all around us.

Music is often motivation and inspiration.  Music can be found all around us.  There are many songs and much music made naturally.  Going outside, visiting a zoo, watching animals, and listening to insects all can be musical.  Some music is associated with certain times of year or certain activities.

Music elicits emotions.  Emotions result in feelings and action.  My wish to everyone is positive feelings and action.  Of course, in movies or on stages music can be used to elicit suspense, fear, or another emotion that is part of the story.  The power of music at these times can be evident.  Music is art.  Art motivates and inspires.

Take music with you.  Listen for, appreciate, and relish in the music around you.

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