A daily dose of inspiration for you!

Inspiration guides, leads, creates.  Inspiration guides us in big and small directions.  Inspiration leads us to decisions in our lives.  Inspiration creates lasting impressions on us, our loved ones, society.  Inspiration results in action that can create art or a vast array of things that can change lives.  What has inspiration done for you?


We are all affected daily by things we see and do.  For some people the song on the alarm clock or the sunlight streaming through the window starts our day off in a positive direction.  Things, both large and small, inspire us in how we conduct ourselves.  They can also change the direction in which we were heading.  Just as seemingly small things can effect us, what we do and the way we conduct ourselves can have the same effect on someone else.


People often think about how their actions matter to their family members,friends, and coworkers.  How we conduct ourselves has a larger impact than what many people realize though.  The ripples in a pond make a good analogy here.  The water in the pond is most affected at the spot the pebbles hits.  A large splash can be the result.  Depending on the pebble’s size it can even result in some water hitting you.  Further away from the point of impact results lessen.  Depending on size of both the pond and the pebble, the opposite bank may have not been affected at all.


People need to remember their own impact is felt by those closest, but can even be felt by someone in their vicinity.  Just as the pebble may have affected the fish swimming by, a frown or rudely ordered breakfast can affect people.  The people treated poorly may then carry that with them to their next interaction with someone else.


Kindness counts and does spread kindness.  Just as negative actions can spread so can positive actions.  Every positive action you take can result in more positive actions.  Inspire a smile.  Inspire a good feeling laugh.  Inspire helpful action.  You will see good results.  And, importantly, you will feel them as well.


My goal is to spread some positive inspiration.  I hope that my thoughts here can lead to good things for you, your loved ones, coworkers, etc.  Maybe you can create some lasting testament to your personal inspiration.  Good luck and blessings to you.

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