A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Family often is and often deserves to be our first source of inspiration.  Our parents are our first contacts.  Were you lucky enough to have parents that were and/or are worthy of your personal inspiration?  Mine are I’m happy to say.  They inspire me in different ways and love and admiration have evolved throughout my life.

Think back to your earliest memories.  Along with brothers, sisters, and other family members parents are our earliest influences.  Hopefully, like mine, your parents and primary caregivers inspired you to take a path that resulted in many good decisions and an overall positive path for your life.  Bad things happen.  Every person at every age makes mistakes.  The hope is that your mistakes become fewer in number as you age.  You learn to talk and walk just as you learn from your mistakes as you age.  You also learn consequences for mistakes and ways to avoid them.  Staying positive and following rules and laws can help you to follow your inspiration and become what you decide you want to be.

For me, it led to good grades and eventually to becoming a teacher, wife, and mother.  My mother was the oldest daughter of six children raised on a farm with lots of love and responsibility.  My father was one child of three raised in a city by small business owners who served as a young man in our military went to college and became a financial manager for a large corporation.  They taught me many things including ways to be smart with money and how to cook meals my family would love.

Over the years I’ve been aware of and exposed to mistakes that family members have made.  These occurrences were discussed just as other family decisions were applauded.  There is good and bad everywhere.  Focusing on the good and its results can lead to more good.  Inspiration has ripple effects for people. Many people in my family have inspired me and continue to inspire me.  We all need to focus on positive inspiration.

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