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Reese Witherspoon is an actress, singer, producer, philanthropist, and businesswoman. She has appeared in over a dozen television programs and over three dozen films. She has been nominated for and/or won awards and honors throughout her career. She gained fame for her roles in Legally Blond and then Sweet Home Alabama. Subsequent roles have added to her fame and accolades.


Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon was born in 1976 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her father was a doctor and in the United States Army Reserve. Her mother was a nurse and a professor of nursing. Reese has an older brother. While her father was in the military, they lived in Germany for four years before moving to Nashville, Tennessee. She graduated from Harpeth Hall School. She then was an English major at Stanford University for a year before leaving to pursue acting. When she was seven years old, she had begun this part of her journey by appearing in television advertisements and then later other television and film appearances.


In 1991, she was cast in the film The Man in the Moon. Other films led to television’s miniseries Return to Lonesome Dove. More roles later led to her portrayal of June Carter Cash in Walk the Line. She did have to sing in front of audiences for this role as well. Later in 2013, Reese recorded a cover of a Sinatra duet with Michael Buble To Be Loved. She has continued to act and perform in a variety of genres of television and film.


Reese owned the production company Type A Films before gaining full control of the production company Pacific Standard in 2016. In 2015, she had launched a fashion, accessory, and home decor line named Draper James. In 2016, she, also, co-formed Hello Sunshine to tell female driven stories on film, television, and other forms of media. In 2017, Reese became the storyteller-in-chief of Elizabeth Arden, Inc.


Reese was married to actor Ryan Phillippe from 1999 until 2007. They had a daughter and later a son. She married Jim Toth in 2011. They had a son in 2012. Reese has three children.


Philanthropy for women and children’s charities and causes has been a big part of her life as well. She is a supporter of Save the Children. She is on the Board of the Children’s Defense Fund. In 2007, she became the Global Ambassador for Avon Products. The Avon Foundation supports women, focuses on breast cancer research, and the prevention of domestic violence. She supports the Child Mind Institute, which focuses on helping children struggling with mental health and learning disorders.


Be inspired! Have a bright day!

Traumatic Brain Injury, Multiple Intelligences, Memory, and Education

Having suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury and having previously been a teacher has led me to thinking a lot about the way we learn, the way I had taught, and memory. It has led me to reflecting on my learning about the author and educator Howard Gardner. I truly believe in the importance of this work for everyone, especially educators.


Multiple Intellegences theory deals with the ways we all learn. From those of us that are logical-mathematical to those of us that are musical, interpersonal, bodily-kinesthetic or favor another of the eight Multiple Intelligences, we all have memories and things that we learn. I would like to share some of my reflections on teaching and learning. We all have had teachers that inspired us to learn. Whether it was someone who taught with demonstrations or stories, the way each of us learns can be different from one another. What is important for teachers to reflect on is that teaching is about presenting material in different ways to reach the most amount of students.


I would like to share some facts that came back to me after my traumatic brain injury. For example, some people I know were discussing the colors of a rainbow. ROY G. BIV came to my mind because this is the acronym used to teach the colors of a rainbow in order: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. Thinking about this led me to thinking about the first things we all learned, ways I learned, and ways I taught. Most of us learned to tie our shoes with a cute saying and making “bunny ears” with our shoe laces. Rhymes, patterns, and songs may have taught us other things. Listening to teachers and/or reading taught us as well. I remember the teacher that got me interested in history taught by explaining historical facts like stories. Many other students found him “boring”, but because this tapped into the way I learn and my love of literature it led to history being one of my minors in college.


I used multiple ways to present material to students. This helped my students to learn the material and it helped me to remember after my injury. From cutesy movements and sayings to acronyms to readings, visuals, and more education benefits from our use of our learning of Multiple Intelligences.

A daily dose of Inspiration for you!



Inspiration can be found every day. People, places, and things can all inspire us. Whether your inspiration comes from art, music, something in nature, a skill you have or another interest, inspiration can enhance your life. Seeing the results of philanthropy can inspire as well.


Many people exist that help and/or inspire others. Just a few examples I haven’t written about previously are rapper 2 Chainz, actress Robin Wright, and author and motivational public speaker John O’Leary. I owe my gratitude to all the people out there that help and inspire others.


Over the course of the last few years, inspiration has been my lifeline. Recovering from a near-death experience is difficult, to say the least. No matter who you are or what you have been through, inspiration can benefit and enhance your life. I may not write about inspiration every day anymore, having completed two years worth of entries, however inspiration will still be crucial to my life and continuing recovery. I can find inspiration from the news and other television programs, from reading, from people, from places, and from things. Whether I’m inspired by someone in therapy at the pool or in another aspect of my life, inspiration will continue to benefit and enhance my life.


As long as you stay true to your values and what makes you-you, inspiration can benefit your life and the lives of others. Value your inspiration, Be inspired! Have a bright day and life!

A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Happy Red Nose Day!!! Red Nose Day is a day celebrated to support charities that are dedicated to end childhood poverty and keep children safe, healthy, and educated. Charities include the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Feeding America, Save the Children, The Global Fund, and charity: water.


Comic Relief, an originally British organization was founded in 1985, began the Red Nose Day telethon in 1988. Comic Relief founders comedian Lenny Henry and comedy scriptwriter Richard Curtis took action in response to the famine in Ethiopia. Over 150 celebrities and comedians participated in the first Red Nose Day telethon.


This year’s 2017 Red Nose Day special on NBC highlights the first celebrity edition of “American Ninja Warrior” and Julia Roberts on Running Wild with Bear Grylls. The Red Nose Day special is being hosted by Chris Hardwick. The campaign entertains as it raises donations for children living in poverty around the world. The broadcast is live from Rockefeller Plaza in New York City.


Helping others and seeing celebrities working to help others is inspiring. The programs on NBC on Red Nose Day entertain as they help raise donations for children in need. Be inspired! Have a bright day!

A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Inspiration can come from multiple sources: movements, literature, and survivor stories are a few sources of inspiration. The #FierceFlaws movement, the book Yellow Tulips on a Cloudy Day, and the story of amputee Kevin as told about on The Doctors are just examples of each.


The movement #FierceFlaws was debuted on The Doctors by models Rosie Mercado and Hunter McGrady. This project is a photo shoot aimed at people who feel their bodies are flawed embracing their bodies. These people participated in a photo shoot in undergarments to embrace and celebrate their bodies. The photo shoot and resulting photos were celebrated on The Doctors, even by the participants. These individuals took the affirmation and celebration with them after the photo shoot into their daily lives.


Books such as Yellow Tulips on a Cloudy Day by Christy Sims can inspire people. Christy Sims is a public speaker, author, a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, a survivor, and advocate against domestic violence. In 2013, while living in Georgia, she was burned over 20 percent of her body with sulfuric acid by her boyfriend. Her entire face, neck chest, and arms were the affected portions of her body. After spending two months in a medically induced coma, she has endured numerous surgeries to try to repair the extreme damage. Christy’s abuser was finally brought to justice over two years later. Not only has Christy shared her struggles and journey in this book, but she has also shared on multiple media venues, including The Doctors television program, and through public speaking engagements. Her story has spread worldwide and she has been awarded for her courage and work on behalf of victims around the world. The book tells her survival story and how faith, hope, and love of family, friends, and others can prevail despite life’s most difficult circumstances.


Kevin is the husband and father from Grand Rapids, Michigan whose story was told on The Doctors. A case of Strep Throat led to this active father losing his hands and feet. Kevin and his wife Julie were on the show chronicling their journey. They have supported each other, found support from friends, family, and their church. The Doctors came to their aid by working out the provision of a handicap accessible van and prosthetics for Kevin. The perseverance, faith, and love shown by everyone involved can inspire us all.


Inspiration can be found by worthy things you see, read, and hear. Be inspired! Have a bright day!

A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Matthew Whitaker is a young blind pianist and composer. He was born in 2001 in Hackensack, New Jersey. At 23 weeks old a health scare led to eye problems and surgeries that resulted in his blindness. He began playing on a Yamaha keyboard his grandfather gave him when he was three years old. At nine years old he learned to play a Hammond B3 organ. He was later endorsed by Hammond and named a Yamaha Artist.


Matthew studied classical piano and drums at The Filomen M. D’Agostino Greenberg Music School of the Lighthouse Guild in New York, New York. Also, he attends the Manhatten School of Music’s Precollege Jazz Program. He has studied at The Harlem School of Arts as well. He was a member of the Jazz House Big Band and the Organ Messengers at Jazz House Kids.


Matthew has received awards and played incredible performances around the world, including before The Youth Assembly at the United Nations headquarters in NYC. Matthew has many artists he is inspired by and has composed his own original compositions. In 2017, he was named one of the 17 people to watch in New Jersey by one of their largest newspapers.


Matthew’s skills may inspire you and the fact he has these abilities and shares them despite his blindness is inspiring as well. I know personally when I see someone happily succeeding, as I did him on Ellen, despite a disability, it inspires me. Inspiration remains essential to me as I write from my wheelchair. Physical therapy and writing have inspired me. Be inspired! Have a bright day!

A daily dose of Inspiration for you!

Bubba Watson is a professional golfer on the PGA circuit, a singer, and a philanthropist. He has previously been ranked 2nd on the Official World Golf Ranking and has a dozen professional wins.


Gerry Lester Watson, Jr. was born in 1978 in Bagdad, Florida. He attended and played golf for Milton High School, Faulkner State Community College, and the University of Georgia. He was part of the University of Georgia team winning the SEC title in 2000.


Bubba turned professional golfer in 2003 by joining the Nationwide Tour. He joined the PGA in 2006. His major championship wins include the 2012 and 2014 Masters Tournament, the 2007 US Open, the 2012 Open Championship, and the 2010 PGA Championship. He is a left-handed golfer and is known for hitting an exceptionally long ball.


Bubba married his wife Angela “Angie” in 2004. They adopted a boy in 2012 and a girl in 2014. Bubba is a singer and member of “Golf Boys”. They have donated profits from their single to charity. He has been part of singles by others as well.


Bubba is Christian and gives his time and money to multiple charities. The goal of The Bubba Watson Foundation, Inc. is to improve the lives of children, young people, and members of the United States military. When Bubba and his wife Angie formed the organization their goal was to inspire people physically, spiritually, and socially. Be inspired! Have a bright day!